This article contains the FAQs for the HV380UK Series Shark® Rocket™. This supports the following product SKUs HV380UK and HV380UKT.

What is the length of the cord?

The cord is 8 meters long.

Where can I buy parts and accessories for my vacuum cleaner?

Parts and accessories are available here.

What accessories come as standard with this model?

This model comes with a 30cm crevice tool, dusting brush, wall mount, onboard storage clip and motorised pet tool.

Does this model have washable filters?

Yes, this model comes with a foam and felt filter kit and we recommend that you rinse them every month

Is there a rotating brush on the front of the floor nozzle?

There are two brush rolls on the floor nozzle. The both brush rolls spin together slowly in position I to clean on hard floors and delicate area rugs. The soft roller traps fine dust and large particles, while the brush roll directs that debris to the suction channel. In position II both brush rolls spin faster, working together to pick up debris below the surface of your carpets.

What is the capacity of the dust cup?


How are the power cord attachments stored?

There are two hooks which the power cord can be wrapped around for storage.

What are the benefits of the DuoClean™?

Unlike conventional vacuums that use one brush bar, DuoClean gives you 2 brush rolls working in unison to remove 3 different types of dirt from your floors and carpets: Large, small and stuck on particles. That’s Triple Particle Cleaning using DuoClean technology and no other vacuum can give you that. The soft, velvet like brush roll comes in direct contact with all hard floors, removing stuck-on dirt, fine dust and large objects whilst restoring your floors natural lustre. On carpets, the second bristle bar works alongside the first brush roll, cleaning deep into the pile and carpet fibres to remove embedded hair and fine dirt. With DuoClean there’s nowhere for dirt to hide and no more ‘snow ploughing’ and spreading mess, just brilliant cleaning performance in a single pass.