This article contains the FAQs for the NV600UK Series Shark® Lift-Away™. This supports the following product SKUs NV600UK, NV600UK1, NV600UKT, NV600UKT1, NV601UK, NV601UK1, NV601UKT, NV601UKT1, NV602UK and NV602UKT.

What is the length of the cord?

The cord is 8 meters long.

How do I remove the handle with extension wand to clean above floors?

First, remove the cord from the cord clip, then press the wand release button located near the top of the canister behind the wand. Gently pull up on the handle to remove the wand. Add the desired accessory to the end of the wand and begin cleaning. To replace, simply guide the wand behind the canister and press down until you hear a click.

How do I wash the pre-motor filters?
With the dust cup removed, remove and rinse the foam and felt filters every 3 months. Let air dry completely before replacing. Hand wash only. Tap loose dirt off filters between washes as needed
How do I remove the dust cup?
Pull up on the dust cup release latch and lift the dust cup off the pod.
What is the size of the motor?
What is the weight of the lift away section?
Where can I buy parts and accessories for my vacuum cleaner?
Parts and accessories are available here.
What does the brush roll indicator light mean?
  • Solid Green: The brush rolls are on and working as they should
  • Solid Red: There is a jam in the brush roll area, turn your vacuum off and remove the blockage
  • No Light: The brush rolls are off because the vacuum is off
What is the length of the hose extension?
Up to 2.15m
Does this model have washable filters?

Yes, this model comes with a foam and felt filter kit and we recommend that you rinse them every month.